Partnering Strategy

Nearly ten Anticalin-based therapeutic programs are currently being advanced under partnership collaborations.  Armed with positive human data and not broadly partnered, the Anticalin technology is one of the most mature next generation therapeutic protein technologies available for partnering today. Pieris is always happy to discuss partnering opportunities in the following areas:

Proprietary programs

While we are developing our proprietary programs PRS-080 (anti-Hepcidin in anemia) and PRS-060 (anti-IL4Ra in asthma) towards clinical proof of concept, we are always open to discuss potential partnerships and are flexible regarding potential collaboration structures.


We are currently pursuing several approaches in this area, focusing on multispecific Antibody-Anticalin fusions targeting at the same time immune checkpoints as well as tumor cells. As we see the potential for many different target combinations, we are seeking partnerships in this area to fully exploit our technology and know-how.

Technology platform

We are always seeking novel new drug discovery partnerships where a partner wants to couple its target know-how with the differentiating features of the Anticalin drug class.