Intellectual Property

Pieris is the exclusive owner or licensee of a large patent estate generically covering the Anticalin® protein as a drug class, libraries of Anticalin proteins and all derived products. In addition, individual therapeutic Anticalin programs will give rise to more specific product and use protection, providing yet another layer of protection and an extended period of exclusivity. Further, with the exclusive rights to exploit the entire drug class, Pieris and its partners are able to control the dissemination of the most relevant prior art, providing highly unique and attractive IP life cycle management strategies.

Anticalin technology, because it diverges so greatly from antibodies and antibody-like molecules, also is characterized by a very attractive freedom to operate (FTO) profile. FTO benefits apply to not only the Anticalin drug discovery platform, but also resulting drug candidates. Pieris is mindful that an attractive IP profile, alone, does not make for a good drug. However, ideal FTO position of Anticalin-branded proteins affords maximum flexibility in discovery strategies and target selection, while the attractive IP life cycle management strategies ensure that an attractive drug candidate can benefit from several years of exclusivity once on the market.

Pieris' patent portfolio consists of more than sixty patent families, including key patents granted in the United States, Europe and Asia. In addition, Pieris has a broad license from the Technische Universität München (TUM) that provides exclusive access to Anticalin-related IP.