Pieris Presents Data and Reveals Targets for Anticalin® Bispecific PRS-190 at European Antibody Congress

Freising, Germany, November 29, 2012 — In a presentation yesterday at the 8th Annual European Antibody Congress in Geneva, Switzerland, Pieris AG presented for the first time data for its PRS-190 bispecific Anticalin program targeting the Th17 pathway.  The data revealed the generation of a highly specific and potent bispecific antagonist targeting IL-17 and IL-23, two key members of the Th17 family of cytokines, involved in autoimmunity and hyperinflammation.  The single-gene multispecific drug candidate, whose individual building blocks could surpass existing available therapies against their respective target, creates several benefits ranging from efficacy, convenience, accelerated development timelines, ease of manufacturing and cost.

“The PRS-190 bispecific Anticalin, or Duocalin®, is a first-in-class drug candidate that we expect to have relevance in a broad range of diseases not effectively treated today,” said Stephen Yoder, CEO of Pieris.  “The most advanced Duocalin in development at Pieris, PRS-190 has cleared the path for more multispecific approaches—not just bispecifics—an area to which we are fully committed.”

In a presentation entitled “Anticalins: Clinical Stage Next Generation Therapeutics with Superior Differentiating Features”, data from the PRS-190 program demonstrated the functionality of the separate Anticalin building blocks, as well as the combined Duocalin compound.  Anticalins are monomeric therapeutic proteins derived from human lipocalins, rationally engineered to solve for the pharmacological and pharmaceutical limitations of both protein- and non-protein-based drug platforms. The multispecific approach, including Duocalins, takes advantage of Anticalins’ free N- and C-terminal ends, whereby individual Anticalins can be pieced together as fusion proteins without interfering with the ligand-binding regions. 

About Pieris

Pieris AG is an independent, clinical-staged biotechnology company advancing its proprietary Anticalin® technology to create differentiated drugs that are safer and more effective than conventional approaches. Exclusive to Pieris, Anticalin-based drugs promise to address high-unmet medical needs and expand the therapeutic potential of current targeted approaches. Pieris’ pipeline ranges from its lead compound, PRS-050 (anti-VEGF, oncology) that recently completed a Phase I clinical trial, to multiple Anticalins in preclinical development across a range of therapeutic areas. To date, the company has signed four discovery and development collaborations: Daiichi Sankyo, Takeda San Francisco, the Sanofi Group and Allergan. Privately held, Pieris has been funded by premier biotechnology-focused venture capital, including lead investors OrbiMed Advisors and Global Life Science Ventures.

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