The following partnerships are focused on the discovery and development of novel Anticalin therapeutics

On May 3, 2017, Pieris and AstraZeneca announced a broad strategic collaboration in the local delivery of targeted biologics in respiratory disease. The collaboration seeks to address a significant unmet clinical need by advancing several novel inhaled biologic molecules leveraging the unique properties of Pieris' Anticalin proteins to yield improvements in convenience, cost of therapy, safety and efficacy. Under the terms of the collaboration, Pieris and AstraZeneca will pursue up to five therapeutic programs, led by Pieris' lead respiratory program, PRS-060, a first-in-class inhaled IL4RA antagonist for the treatment of asthma. Pieris will be responsible for advancing PRS-060 into clinical trials in 2017 and will conduct a phase 1 trial in healthy volunteers. The parties will collaborate thereafter to complete a phase 2a clinical trial in asthma patients while AstraZeneca will fund all development until this stage. After completion of the phase 2a, Pieris has the option to co-develop and subsequently co-commercialize the program in the United States with AstraZeneca. For the other four programs, Pieris will be responsible for the initial discovery of novel Anticalin proteins after which AstraZeneca will take the lead on continued development. Pieris has the option to co-develop two of these programs at a pre-defined preclinical stage and would also have the option to co-commercialize these programs in the United States, while AstraZeneca will be responsible for development and commercialization of the other programs worldwide.

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On January 05, 2017, Pieris and Servier, the second largest independent international pharmaceutical company headquartered in France with annual sales of more than EUR4 billion, entered into a broad strategic co-development alliance in Immuno-Oncology. Under the collaboration, Pieris and Servier will initially pursue five bispecific therapeutic programs, led by Pieris’ preclinical PRS-332 program, a potentially best-in-class PD-1-targeting bispecific checkpoint inhibitor aimed at simultaneously blocking two immune checkpoints co-expressed on exhausted T cells to further improve on existing PD-1 therapies. The four additional committed programs may combine antibodies from the Servier portfolio with Anticalin proteins based on Pieris’ proprietary platform to generate highly innovative immuno-oncology bispecific drug candidates. The alliance may be expanded to a total of eight immuno-oncology programs and Pieris has the option to co-develop and retain full commercial rights in the United States for four of these programs, including PRS-332.

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On February 27, 2017, Pieris and ASKA Pharmaceutical, an independent Japanese pharmaceutical company with annual sales of approximately $400 million, entered into an option agreement for Pieris’ anemia program PRS-080. Under the terms of the agreement, ASKA has the exclusive option to license commercial rights to PRS-080 in Japan and certain other Asian countries after the completion of the planned Phase 2a study conducted by Pieris, which is scheduled to be completed in H2 2017.

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On December 08, 2015, Pieris and Roche entered into a research collaboration and license agreement in immuno-oncology. Pieris will discover Anticalin®-based drug candidates against an undisclosed target. Roche and Pieris will evaluate different drug formats against this target and advance them through preclinical development, with Roche being responsible for IND-enabling activities, clinical development and worldwide marketing of any resulting products. This collaboration represents Pieris' first partnered immuno-oncology program and leverages Pieris' capability to address a target in multiple ways through Anticalin-based drug candidates in different formats.
In September 2010, the company signed a multi-year, multi-target collaboration with both Sanofi (formerly Sanofi-aventis) and Sanofi Pasteur across a broad spectrum of indications. In April 2013 the partnership was expanded to include a novel multispecific Anticalin® program under the existing framework of the 2010 agreement.
On April 12, 2011, Pieris announced the initiation of a therapeutic discovery and development partnership with Daiichi Sankyo. To date the company has achieved nine milestones in this collaboration and Daiichi Sankyo is currently developing an Anticalin protein against an undisclosed target, which in the IND-enabling activities stage.
In October 2013, Pieris initiated a collaboration with Zydus Cadila for the development and commercialization of novel Anticalin®-based protein therapeutics. Zydus will be responsible for IND-enabling studies, GMP manufacturing and clinical development in certain emerging markets, while Pieris will maintain rights for the co-developed compounds in key major markets.