PRS-332: Simultaneous Multi-Checkpoint Blockade

Candidate Targets Indication Partner Our Commercial
Discovery Preclinical IND-
Phase I Phase Ib/IIa
PRS-332 PD-1/n.d.
Immuno-Oncology U.S.
Discovery Phase completed
Pre-Clinical Phase in progress
IND-enabling Phase not started
Phase 1 not started
Phase 2 not started

PRS-332 is a novel PD-1 based bispecific, comprising an anti-PD-1 antibody genetically linked to an Anticalin® targeting an undisclosed checkpoint. The program is partnered with Servier, with Pieris retaining full development and commercialization rights in the USA.

Anti-PD-1 treatment has demonstrated great clinical benefit in several cancers, including non-small cell lung cancer, melanoma and renal cell carcinoma. However, there are many patients who do not respond, relapse or acquire resistance to PD-1 treatment. In order to improve on existing PD-1 therapies, Pieris is developing PRS-332 with the intent to simultaneously block PD-1 and another validated and synergistic immune checkpoint co-expressed on tumor-specific T cells. Pieris' multispecifics technology allows simultaneous checkpoint inhibition on the same cell, which we anticipate will have a pharmacodynamic advantage over antibody cocktails against two different checkpoint targets, while being more cost effective than administering two separate antibodies individually targeting these checkpoints.

Our IO pipeline strategy includes developing clear intra-pipeline synergies, particularly between our tumor-targeted costim drug candidates and our multi-checkpoint antagonists. This strategy includes combining our tumor-targeted costim, PRS-343, with our multi-checkpoint antagonist PRS-332 in future clinical trials and, ultimately, through commercialization. Our strategic alliance with Servier preserves this ability, where PRS-343 remains fully unencumbered while Pieris retains full development and commercialization rights in the USA for PRS-332.