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Discovery Preclinical IND-
Phase I Phase Ib/IIa
Roche n.d. Immuno-Oncology Milestones & Royalties
Discovery Phase in progress
Pre-Clinical Phase not started
IND-enabling Phase not started
Phase 1 not started
Phase 2 not started

On December 08, 2015, Pieris and Roche entered into a research collaboration and license agreement in immuno-oncology. Pieris will discover Anticalin®-based drug candidates against an undisclosed target. Roche and Pieris will evaluate different drug formats against this target and advance them through preclinical development, with Roche being responsible for IND-enabling activities, clinical development and worldwide marketing of any resulting products. This collaboration represents Pieris' first partnered immuno-oncology program and leverages Pieris' capability to address a target in multiple ways through Anticalin-based drug candidates in different formats.