Anticalin Proteins in Respiratory Diseases

Inhalable biologics offer several potential advantages over subcutaneously administrated antibody approaches on the same targets. These include a potential for a significantly lower dose, a lower cost of goods, lower systemic target engagement with potentially fewer systemic side effects and increased patient convenience. Anticalin proteins have unique properties, not least of which is their size and stability, and show considerable promise for this route of delivery. Importantly, PRS-060 and other Anticalin molecules are based on a lung-resident lipocalins “template” protein, the tear lipocalin, which could translate into a favorable tolerability profile for such drug candidates.

Pieris’ respiratory franchise includes PRS-060 and a series of other Anticalin proteins that are currently being developed in partnership with AstraZeneca. Under the agreement with AstraZeneca, Pieris has the option to co-develop and co-commercialize PRS-060 and two of the additional programs initiated under the collaboration.