Candidate Targets Indication Partner Our Commercial
Discovery Preclinical IND-
Phase I Phase IIa
4 Programs
n.d. Respiratory Diseases U.S. Co-commercialization for 2 targets
Discovery Phase in progress
Pre-Clinical Phase not started
IND-enabling Phase not started
Phase 1 not started
Phase 2 not started

Pieris and AstraZeneca announced a broad strategic collaboration in the local delivery of targeted biologics in respiratory disease in May 2017. The collaboration seeks to address a significant unmet clinical need by advancing several novel inhaled biologic molecules leveraging the unique properties of Pieris' Anticalin proteins to yield improvements in convenience, cost of therapy, safety and efficacy. Beyond PRS-060, Pieris and AstraZeneca will pursue up to five therapeutic programs, led by Pieris' lead respiratory program, PRS-060, a first-in-class inhaled IL4RA antagonist for the treatment of asthma. For those four programs, Pieris will be responsible for the initial discovery of novel Anticalin proteins after which AstraZeneca will take the lead on continued development. Pieris has the option to co-develop two of these programs at a pre-defined preclinical stage and would also have the option to co-commercialize these programs in the United States, while AstraZeneca will be responsible for development and commercialization of the other programs worldwide.