Local Approach to Asthma

Elarekibep (PRS-060/AZD-1402) is Pieris’ lead respiratory Anticalin®-based drug candidate, developed in collaboration with AstraZeneca. Elarekibep blocks the IL-4Rα immunoreceptor, inhibiting small IL-4 and IL-13 proteins that drive a cascade of inflammatory responses in the lungs.

The small size and stability of elarekibep allow the drug to be inhaled directly into the lungs, rather than injected, potentially achieving the same benefits as systemic treatments, but with lower doses and fewer side effects. Phase 1 trials have shown significantly reduced levels of fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO), a biomarker for asthma, in patients with mild asthma.

Elarekibep’s Mechanism of Action

Elarekibep at a Glance


Inhibits IL4-Rα (disrupts IL-4 and IL-13 signaling).


Moderate-to-severe asthma.


Phase 2a trial ongoing

Commercial Rights

Co-development and U.S. co-commercialization rights, including gross margin share.